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Authentic Lindy Hop & Jitterbug from the 1930s, ‘40s & ‘50s

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winning a Jack & Jill Contest in Krakow (December 2015)


Over the Christmas period I realised that early January would mark the 30th Anniversary of the very first Lindy Hop class I attended  back in 1988.

In February, it would be 27 years since the first dance class I taught back in 1991.

Since that time I have literally taught tens of thousands of people to dance, been fortunate to travel, teach and compete across a Europe and the USA and won and placed in many National and International contests.

It been an amazing journey which as led to work in television, music promotion videos, films and on stage.

However, 30 years is a long time and although I still love the music, the dance and the history,

I decided that there were still other interests in my life that I wanted to explore.

For that reason I decided last Thursday to announce that I would no longer be teaching weekly classes in Norwich and no longer be involved in organising monthly dances and live music.

I have not abandoned Swing dancing altogether, I just don’t want the commitment that is involved in regular classes & events. I am still be happy to teach private lessons and occasional workshops.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my endeavours to bring authentic swing dancing to Norwich.

Robert Austin